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Spanish & Sailing- Learn Spanish online, with a Native Spanish Speaking Teacher and go sailing with your family and friends in the Spanish Virgin Island, east of Puerto Rico. All our captains are Native Spanish Speakers, who can guide your progression while you visit exotic beaches.


Our next online course will start on April 20th/2020. Space is limited so call immediately to make a reservation.


We offer Spanish levels: 1, 2, 3, 4, Writing Essay and Traveling basic Skills:

We follow the Curriculum of The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP).

Please find some samples of the vocabulary and grammar that will be covered in each Spanish level. For more detailed information contact Ms. Acevedo at (410) 829-0351.

Spanish Level 1: CapiESPA 1

Vocabulary: Name of Spanish speaking countries and the capital, basic weather expression, telling time and sports, describing people and things, basic vocabulary for school and education, basic vocabulary for direction, common greetings and farewell.

Grammar: Genders and nouns, adjectives, regular and irregular verbs in present tense, the verb to be, and weather expression, basic adverbs, prepositions and pronouns.

Spanish Level 2: CapiESPA 2

Vocabulary: Nature and environment, hobby, shopping, traveling expressions, food and restaurant.


Grammar: Part of the body, comparative adjectives, review of present tense irregular verbs, past tense regular and irregular verbs, command Spanish.


Spanish Level 3: CapiESPA 3

Vocabulary: Natural disasters, cultural entertainment, nationality, holiday, expressing likes and dislikes and music terms.


Grammar: Irregular verbs in past tense, imperfect vs. preterit tense, formation of the present subjunctive regular verbs, indirect and direct object pronouns.


Spanish Level 4: CapiEspa 4

Vocabulary: Doctors and illness, banking and economics, government and politics, elections, elements of art and critiques.


Grammar: Conditional perfect and present perfect subjunctive, relative pronoun and advanced uses of conjunction.


Spanish Level 5: CapiEspa 5

Writing essay

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