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Welcome to Capitana SOS Store / Tienda

Here you can find fun merchandise to add to your collection while also supporting our efforts to create informative and interactive safety training videos. All of the profits go straight into funding these videos so we can get you out/in the water sooner and safer.

Browse Our Selection

Select your favorite bandana pattern.  

#100: Capitana SOS Sticker

Free Shipping in Puerto Rico or USA


#101: Bandana

Call office to select color. (410) 829-0351

Free Shipping in Puerto Rico or USA


#102: White Hat 

$25 + $7.95 Shipping 

#103: Pink Sun-visor

$37 + $7.95 Shipping 

#104: Short Sleeve T-Shirt

(White, Grey) 

$19.99 + $7.95 Shipping 

#105: Long Sleeve T-Shirt

(White, Grey)

$29.99 + $7.95 Shipping

#106: Dri-Power Long Sleeve T-Shirt

(Kiwi, Pink, Blue)


#107: Port and Starboard Banners
(Red, Green)


Payment Options
Thank you for your support.

To place an order please send a text to Captain Suzy at 410-829-0351, or email her at In your message include a list of items and quantities, mailing address, and a telephone number to call for payment. Shipping rates apply for USA and Puerto Rico.


Because of the virus, items may take 15 to 20 business days to arrive.


Payment VENMO or VISA, Master Card (Credit Card minimum is $10).

Puede llamar a Capitana Suzy al (410) 829-0351, para asisitencia en español.

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